Sunshine in California

The perfect location and beautiful photography caught our eye and we needed to see more. 

This amazing campaign was shot for fashion label Amuse Society by the super talented Brydie Mack of Wolfcub. While scrolling through Brydies website we came across a number of photoshoots that we have admired in the past.

The clothing is described by Mandy and Summer, the owners of Amuse Society, as “a rock muse on a beach holiday” and through these images, you definitely get that vibe.

So if you love cacti and organically styled structures as much as we do, you’ll no doubt be scrolling through this post a few times. Wishing you were walking down those stairs about to sit down on that amazing outdoor sofa with a good book or cocktail in hand.

Photography & Styling | Brydie MackImage Source | Wolfcub Chronicles Clothing | Amuse Society.

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