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Ever since my first interiors book ‘Moroccan Interiors’, that I received at the age of 18, I’ve had a love for plaster (okay so maybe it’s more like an obsession). Since then I’ve traveled to countries such as Indonesia, India, Mexico furthering my love for beautifully textured plaster goodness.  One room that I especially love the idea of plaster in is the bathroom. 

We’re finally about to renovate our own bathrooms at home and I think it’s time to pop some of that plaster on our walls. Pinterest is full of great plastered bathroom inspiration and I’ve finally found a company in New Zealand that has a system that sounds perfect Rockcote by Resene construction systems. 

Fingers crossed this my answer to the perfect bathroom renovation.



Image 1, 4, 5 | Source UnknownImage 2 | RemodelistaImage 3 | My DomanieImage 6 | The Greek FoundationImage 7 | The Style FilesImage 8 | Roomed.

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