Organic Bohemian Style

Newly decorated Casa Cook hotel in Rhodes, Greece has us dreaming of a Greek vacation. 
The beautiful design and interior was created by interior designer Annabell Kutuca and architect Vana Pernari.   
Annabell is also responsible for the interiors of two other Greek hotel locations that we are in love with and dying to visit - San Georgio & Scorpios Mykonos. 

We fell in love with the natural, textured elements such as the raw timber, woven baskets and stone walls. These create an organic bohemian vibe which inspires our Indie Living style. 

Interior Design / Styling | Annabell Kutucu & Michael SchickingerPhotography | Georg Roske. Architecture | Vana Pernari. Hotel | Casa CookImage 9, 12 | Planete Deco.

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