Inspired by all things textured & neutral / natural, the team at Poppy & Co have put together an amazing Insta of beautiful photos. They transport you straight to an island paradise. This is an amazing source of inspiration for anyone loving the loose relaxed island vibe as much as we do. 

The Poppy & Co team not only use images that they're curated from other talaented bloggers but they have also incorporated lots of their own travel pics. And one thing we know about these girls is they LOVE to travel to amazing locations. 

Hop on over to their Insta and get swept away to a sunny breezy calm paradise. And if you still need an extra hit of textured goodness check out our Pinterest 'Texture' board in the link below. I'm totally addicted to pining it. It's definitely one of my faves.

You can also shop some of the Poppy & Co travel essential pieces in our store.


Image Source | Poppy & CoPinterest | TextureShop | Poppy & Co.

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